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Toretto Clay Bar

$ 12.95 

Dom' Clay Bar 100grams

TeckWrap Short Sleeve T-shirt

$ 29.95 

95% polyester fiber 5% spandex nylon cloth 250 g

Blue Standard Teckwrap Squeegee with felt buffer

$ 4.95 

Comfortable squeegee for everyday film installations

Paint is Dead PROGLOVE

$ 39.95 

We know what it is like to juggle phone calls and ringing phones. That is why we designed our PROGLOVE

NZ Wrap supply BBQ

$ 399.00 

304 Stainless BBQ with steel cooking grate, operates on Charcoal, great for those after (or during)work drinks.

TeckWrap color swatches 2021

$ 49.00 

There are 180 and 190 series color samples in the box. 418 color samples


$ 19.95 

Designed by the professionals at Paint is Dead. The 30 degree tip PROBLADE used in this professional snap off knife is made of a special...

"Glider" squeegee for window film installation

$ 8.90 

"Glider" squeegee is a very comfortable tool for window film installation. Comes with soft rubber edge

Toretto Fast N Dry Microfiber Towel

$ 34.95 

Dry your car or boat fast with Dom's Fast n Dry Microfiber Drying Towel

Paint is Dead Profinisher

$ 19.95 



$ 10.95 

Prosqueegee lite, Soft Flex Squeegee

PID PRO Squeegee Black

$ 14.95 

PROSERIES was created to bring life to the world of wrap tools. Our name explains it all — this is a PROFESSIONAL SERIES tool line...

Toretto Tool Pouch

$ 24.95 

Dom's Tool Pouch is the ultimate tool pouch to fit all your tools in while you wrap

Paint is Dead Progrip

$ 59.95 

These are the business when it comes to a high strength magnet comes in a pack of three, they don't get knocked off when you brush past them

Thunder Tank

$ 229.00 

Pressurized stainless steel tank of 3.6 litres supplied with 1.2 metre hose and professional nozzle with nozzle...

Car squeegee for paint protection film application

$ 19.50 

Car squeegee is a very comfortable tool for window film and paint protection film application.Comes with blue squeegee blade.